Kolping Award

The Kolping Award was established many years ago, and is awarded at the time of a National Convention to persons who best exemplify the Kolping ideals of service to the Church, the country and the people.

Nominees for this award should not be affiliated with the Kolping Society, but should be recognized public figures known for their positive actions towards a worthy cause. Special consideration should be given to persons who have directed their efforts towards helping the youth in their formative years. The award, although intended for lay people, does not exclude the field of religion.

Nominees are usually submitted by the convention host Branch. A complete resume must accompany each nomination that is submitted to the National Office, who make the final determination of the award.

Once the award is determined, the recipient is invited to attend the convention banquet to personally accept the award. The acceptance usually involves a short acceptance speech. The press and the media are informed in advance of the date, the significance of the Kolping Award, and who has been chosen.

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