Holy Trinity Kolping Society History

It all began at the Steuben Day Parade in New York in 1979. Fr. Walter Pruschowitz was introduced to the members of the New York Kolping Society, and Mr. Albert Sartorius, Sr. asked him, "Why donít you start a Kolping Society in New Jersey?"

Two months later, Fr. Walter received a letter from Hubert Tintelott, the Secretary General of the International Kolping Society in Cologne, Germany, encouraging him to go ahead. In September, 1980, after the National Convention in New York, he received another letter from him.

There were two points that Fr. Walter considered very important: First, that this society be established on a parish basis. As parishioners, most of the people know one another, they have ready access to parish facilities and could meet far more often if need be. Not only the society would benefit from this, but the parish as well. Members of other parishes would be accepted, but as soon as there are sufficient members of another parish in our society, they would be asked and helped in establishing their own society.

Secondly, He thought it very important that women be accepted as equal members, to give our Society also the true family spirit.

On June 28, 1981 we received the charter for our new society during a Mass at Holy Trinity, Passaic, NJ. Several national officers were present. Kolping members from New York and Brooklyn also attended the celebration.

Holy Trinity Kolping is directly associated with parish and all its activities. Our meetings are held in the Church Hall on a monthly basis. We support our parish activities, both spiritually and socially. The parish has many Hispanic people and we are currently planning programs to help them and entice them to become members.