How We Operate

Kolping Family

The family is the basic unit of society. In the same way, the family is the base of the Kolping Society. Members in geographic proximity are joined together into "Kolping Families" which, in turn, form the national identity of our Society. Every Kolping family member is a member of the Catholic Kolping Society of America and of the International Kolping Society.

Kolping House

When they were established, most U.S. Kolping Houses served as residences for young journeymen or men in transition. The Kolping Houses in New York and Los Angeles continue to serve this important purpose for men and women.

Today, the Kolping Family continues to organize its activities in and around its Kolping House, whether that house be a residence, center, or parish facility. In any case, the home of the Kolping Family is a place which enables members and friends to gather, learn, pray and socialize all within the framework of the Gospel message.

Common Interest Groups

Often, members of the Kolping Family will form groups to meet a particular need or recognize a special interest. Some examples of the groups formed revolve around young adults, senior citizens, sports and community service.

Kolping Leadership

Each Kolping Family has a spiritual leader, or Praeses; a title which comes from the Latin word for protector. Through word and example, the Praeses serves as a role model and teacher assisting members in their pursuit to live out the Gospel message in their daily lives. In addition to spiritual leadership, each Kolping Family elects a board of directors and a set of officers. They create the events and coordinate the efforts of the Kolping Family on behalf of the members.

The Catholic Kolping Society of America is also governed by a board of directors which elects officers to plan national activities and represent the membership to the International Kolping Society. Together with the volunteer members who actively give of their time and energy, these leaders are responsible for the realization of the Kolping mission in the United States.

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