Father Krewitt Scholarship

At the 1978 Kolping Convention in Buffalo, the delegates voted to set up a college scholarship award currently in the amount of $1000.00. The award was named after Father Helwick Krewitt, who was the National Praeses of the Catholic Kolping Society of America from 1951 until 1978.

The administration of this award is as follows:

1. Each year in the November, December and the following January and February issues of the Kolping banner, application information for participation in the scholarship award and the current essay topic will be published.

2. Members or the children(grandchildren) of a member are eligible. Previous winners are not eligible.

3. Each participant will be asked to send in proof of enrollment in college or the post-high school vocational program, and an essay. The essay should be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1,000 words. The theme of the essay changes from year to year, such as the life of Father Kolping and his work, the Pope, Christian life, etc...

4. All applications, which must be submitted by February 28th, should be sent to the National Administrator. He will, in turn, number both the application and essay and send copies of only the essays to the persons responsible for judging the essays.

5. Once the essays have been reviewed and scored, the judges will, either by mail, telephone, or a meeting, determine which numbered essay they feel is superior.

6. The National Administrator will then identify the winning essay and announce it at a national meeting or seminar in either April, May or June.

7. The winning child will then be notified by the National Secretary and an announcement will be made in the Kolping Banner.

8. The winning essay will be published in the Kolping Banner.

To apply for this scholarship please print and fill out the following form: Fr. Krewitt Scholarship Entry Form