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History of Buffalo Kolping

The ideas of founding the Catholic Kolping Society of Buffalo took practical form after a lecture given to the Rochester Kolping Society by the late Christian Schreiber, Bishop of Meissen, Germany on the objective spiritual value of the Kolping Society. A few young men of Buffalo who were present at the inspiring lecture returned to their city with the firm determination to start a Kolping Society. A meeting was called April 4, 1928 and the society was formed.

In order to acquire a home for the young men, loans were obtained from priests, businessmen, and friends of the good cause. With the necessary funds on hand, they purchased the Protestant Seminary at 154 Maple Street, Buffalo. Plans for the necessary alterations of the building to accommodate about 45 young men were submitted and accepted. On May 11, 1920, the building was blessed and dedicated by Praeses Father Sellinger. He was delighted to invite brother priests and laymen to visit the spacious Kolping House to enjoy the company of the young German immigrants, to lecture to them and answer questions. He encouraged the recreational and social program of the Society. Family evenings, Schuplatter dances, organized by Frank Berger, theatrical performances by the Dramatic Club, concerts, anniversaries, jubilees, and other efforts have been successful, being both well managed, artistically conducted and well attended.

A Ladies Auxiliary was founded in 1930. The main function of this group was to maintain the Kolping House. This was accomplished by running various fund raising events such as dances and card parties. The proceeds were used to help defray the expense of maintaining the Kolping House.

The Auxiliary was disbanded in 1962 when the Kolping House was sold and the ladies were incorporated into the general membership of the Society.

On March 15, 1932 Father Sellinger died. Many priests and Kolping boys were present at the Solemn Funeral Services at St. Matthews Church. On April 15, 1932, the late Bishop Turner appointed Father Max Mueller as the new Praeses of the Kolping Society.

Through the years the following priests have served as Praeses: Rev. Msgr. Roman J. Nuwer, Rev. Stanley Krzyanowski, Rev. Edward Muerder, Rev. Norman MacTague, Rev. Robert Mack, and at the present, the Rev. Paul J. Letourneau.

In 1961 we hosted the National Convention and again in 1978 in conjunction with our 50th Anniversary. We celebrated our 75th Anniversary in 2003.

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