Congratulations to the Catholic Kolping Society of Brooklyn on their 100th Anniversary! Established on January 20th, 1924, they celebrated this milestone event on Saturday, April 27. 

There is a lot going on at Kolping!

  • Sign-up online for the 44th Kolping Convention . . .           Not able to attend?  Consider purchasing a Program Ad
  • We are accepting applications for the Kolping Scholarships until May 11th.
  • Kolping is looking for a Part-Time Executive Director.  

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Join us at the 2024 Kolping National Convention!

LOCATION: St. Charles, Missouri
DATES: Friday, September 6 through Sunday September 8, 2024

Calling all Kolping members, family and friends!  Join us for our bi-annual Kolping Convention, hosted in St. Charles, Missouri.  While in St. Charles, we will take a boat ride on the mighty Mississippi and view St. Louis, the site of the first Kolping Family in the US. You will be able to visit with other Kolping family friends and acquaintences and most importantly, celebrate Kolping in the US.   Let’s all work to keep the values of Blessed Father Kolping alive through this next century.

Deadline for registration is July 15th!!  For more information and to register, click here.

2024 National Kolping Scholarship Program

We are excited to announce our 2024 National Kolping Scholarship program. This scholarship program hopes to reflect and reinforce the value Father Kolping and the members of our Kolping Society place on furthering education and building skills for both the benefit of the individual as well as the community. We would like to support members and their families in attaining their educational and career goals.  
We will be awarding scholarships in the amount of $3,000 to winners attending a college, university or trade school and $1,000 to high school seniors. Applications and essay requirements will be due by April 30th. Winners will be announced at the beginning of June. Click here for more information!

Opportunity with the National Kolping Society

The National Kolping Executive Director will be an innovative, creative, self-starter, who is detail oriented, approachable and committed to the success of Kolping throughout the United States. As a remote position, this individual must be motivated and willing to reach-out to Kolping Families for communications, information and other initiatives.   Send all resumes and cover letters to Click here to learn more about this remote, part-time opportunity.

Activities Around the U.S.

Kolping is all about family. If you are traveling and find yourself in a city that has a Kolping Family, consider joining one of their events!  Visit our Family Page for more information about what our local Kolping families are doing.

KOLPING BROOKLYN — Additional information available at

KOLPING CHICAGO — Additional information available at

KOLPING CINCINNATI — Additional information available at

KOLPING NEW YORK Additional information available by emailing or texting 914 432-2535

KOLPING SAN FRANCISCO — Kolping Hall, 440 Taraval Street, San Francisco, CA 94116 

Are you traveling the world any time soon?

Did you know that many of our Kolping families have hostels, camps and other lodging for rent?

Before you plan your trip, check out the Kolping directory of lodging around the world. It might lead you to a magical village you otherwise didn’t know existed or introduce you to new friends and acquaintances. The full directory of Kolping lodging can be found on the International Kolping website: For a quick peek, click here:

Who We Are

The International Kolping Society was founded by Adolph Kolping as a Catholic, educational and action-oriented organization.


  • The Catholic Kolping Society of America is a non-profit organization which strives to carry out the ideals of Blessed Adolph Kolping in a way that is relevant to our times.
  • The work of the Kolping Society is aimed at the holistic development of the individual and family. Its members are offered opportunities and assistance in all aspects of life.
  • The Kolping Society is a place within our world which enables one to enhance the sacredness of one’s life. In the Kolping Society, one is provided an opportunity to share one’s problems as well as one’s knowledge and skills.
  • The Kolping Society seeks to help its members express Christian witness through their marriages, families, professions and leisure time activities and in so doing, seeks to help its members contribute to the betterment of our culture, society and church.
  • The Kolping Society aims to aid its members and society as a whole. It seeks to improve our society through activities which promote the good of all in a Christian atmosphere.
  • The Catholic Kolping Society of America is an inclusive organization which welcomes all who wish to practice the teachings of Christ through the traditions of the Catholic Church.

Mission Statement

We, the members of the Catholic Kolping Society of America, extend the vision of our founder, Blessed Adolph Kolping, by promoting the development of the individual and family; we foster a sense of belonging and friendship through our program of spiritual, educational, charitable and social activities.


President – Lisa Brinkmann, San Francisco

Vice President – Helene Schrand, Cincinnati

Secretary – Barbara Hessler, Cincinnati

Treasurer – Ted Wilke, Cincinnati

National Praeses – Father Richard Bretone, New York

National Administrator – to be determined

Endowment Fund Chairman – Bernhard Preisser, New York

Endowment Fund Treasurer – Lisa Brinkmann, San Francisco

International Secretary – Dr. Markus Demele

International Praeses – Monsignor Ottmar Dillenburg


Lucille Colletti – New York

Henry Faulk – Cincinnati

Marilee Uhlhorn – Cincinnati

Monika Weiss – San Francisco

Wolfgang Weiss – San Francisco


Father Michael Scherschel – Chicago

Father Dan Kroger – Cincinnati

Father Richard Bretone – New York

Father Winfried Kellner – Rochester

Deacon William McLoughlin – San Francisco

National Kolping Families

United States
National Officers



Kolping Society
at the United Nations

International Kolping Families





Lisa Brinkmann
311 Greene Street
Mill Valley, CA 94941