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Kolping Hall

History of Los Angeles Kolping

February 23, 1928 is the date of the founding of the Los Angeles Kolping Society. On that historic day, 12 men gathered at St. Joseph’s Parish Hall to discuss the need of a Kolping Society in Los Angeles. These men had been members of the Kolping Society in Germany or in different cities of the United States and now they wished to establish a Society here. A motion by John Hafele was fully supported and officers were elected.

Our first house was on 2416 Budlong Avenue. We had our first meeting in the new Kolping House on April 4, 1933. This proved to us that the new life had come to our society. A Ladies Auxiliary was established to help the men in their social activities, but they also kept our house in fine condition. Without their help we could have never done it.

Between 1933 and 1955, the society rented or purchased several other locations which they eventually outgrew. In 1955 a large house was purchased at 1225 Union Avenue. This house has 60 large rooms, a kitchen, a dining room and an auditorium. It also has a large living room, patio, lobby but most of all it has a chapel for religious services. More property lots adjacent to the Kolping House were purchased to provide parking and room for further expansion.

In 1968 at our 40th Jubilee and also at the National Convention here, we had the honor to have his Eminency Cardinal McIntyre to celebrate Mass at St. Joseph’s Church where we started in 1928.

From the 1960’s until now the Kolping Society has undergone many changes. Kolping Society would, despite these many changes, remain strong because of the many wonderful people it had helped throughout the years. Old world service is still offered in the Kolping House one of only a few primer boarding houses still open in the Los Angeles area. The house is open to any man needing a place to stay. We just say men because you will find that this old turn of the century building has not changed much. From its beautiful old furniture to dorm like restrooms. There is maid service and three square meals a day, that is except on Sunday. There is daily Mass in our small chapel and to entertain yourself there is a wonderful library and pool room. The house is only one part of the many new and wonderful things that Kolping is doing.

The third Tuesday of the month you will find many of our long term members enjoying lunch and playing cards or bingo or celebrating somebody’s birthday. Many of these members have been a part of Kolping for over 50 years and still take a very active role in getting things done. Without these people there would be no future. Lets talk of the future because that is what makes all that you read so far worth it.

This year Kolping has started its new youth group. In fact it looks like there will be two youth groups, one for children 10-15 and another 16-19. Both groups will be working to help kids and schools meet the challenges of today. Kids helping Kids in educating each other. The youth groups have started by sponsoring a small scholarship for kids in lst through 3rd grades at a local school. They have also come to the rescue of a school who needed copy paper for its students. Their latest project is to try to put air conditioning into a school. These kids also have fun planning dances and trips to amusement parks, but also take the time to remember people at the County hospital and assist them on Sunday when Mass is offered.

As for the main body of the society, we are working on developing a training center to teach people computers. We are looking for ways to help the new immigrants (in our area Latinos) with their struggle to make it here in Los Angeles. We still enjoy our fabulous get-together from our St. Joseph’s Day Dinner in March to our Christmas Party in December. Almost once a month you will find something going on at the Kolping House from delicious meals to the work of keeping the house operational to developing new and better ways to help others. So, if you are looking for a place to stay, or a hall to rent or if you want to make a difference in peoples lives, contact us. We are here to assist you (213) 388-9438.

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